Monday, June 29, 2009

Sat morning outing

Papa, Mama and Lele went to the Mcdonald's at Anchorvale Community Centre for breakfast. Even though Lele has a 3 hand-me-down (from Papa and Shushu) figurines of Ronald Mcdonald (which he calls Mr. Mcdonald), this is only Lele's 2nd visit to Mcdonald's. The last time we went to Mcdonald's for breakfast, we ordered hotcakes for him but he didn't like. He also refused to try any of our food. In the end, I had to buy some pastries for a bread shop for him. This time round, we bought something for him to enjoy while we enjoy our breakfast.
Here, Lele is eating his breakfast of "soon kueh". He loves "soon kueh", "beng kueh" and "ruo bo gao", so Mama and Papa bought "sooh kueh" from the coffeeshop before heading out. We bought 2 mini "soon kueh" (size of siew mai) at 60 cents each. SO EX condering that one sold at Koufu is only 80 cents. We even bought plain pancake in case these 2 mini "siew mai" fail to satisfy him.

After his breakfast of "soon kueh" in addition to 150ml of milk he finished before we set off, he had his dessert of Yoplait Mango Yoghurt which Mama brought from home. He loves Mango Yoghurt from Yoplait but will not even try the mango fruit. Some kids have the weirdest taste!
Papa and Mama had our moments of peace while Lele savoured all 125ml of yoghurt. Papa read his newspaper while I enjoyed my BIG breakfast. After he finished, papa brought him for some play at the Anchorvale river park nearby while mama read articles about Michael Jackson in the newspaper. He had died suddenly of heart attack the day before.
Lele fussed for some apple (which I brought from home as well) after he came back.
Walking on the chairs and pretending he is a train walking on the railway track. We are at the LRT station.
Papa and Lele playing a fool while waiting for the train to come.

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