Monday, May 18, 2009

Verner Panton exhibition

Brought Lele to Verner Panton exhibition at the National Museum. It was a lovely, lazie Sunday afternoon for all of us: ) Had wanted to bring Lele swimming but Daniel said he wasn't into outdoor activities hence the Museum trip. It was a stimulating trip for Lele. The chairs were very inviting for him to climb into and the colours made him wild!. It was also an eye-opener for us. We didn't know that Verner Panton's designs are so popular. Many chairs and designs which we have seen before are actually his ideas. Examples are the heart-shaped chair, cone chair and the Panton chair.
We saw a series of pictures entitled "How to undress in front of your husband." Where the panton chair and a fully-dressed woman were in the first picture. The subsequent pictures were of her taking each piece of clothing off as she posed/used the Panton chair. The pictures were so well-taken! They made the Panton chair looked very sexy like a woman's body. The pictures were very modern looking but they were shot in 1970.
Although many pieces of furniture looked so inviting, they were out of bounds hence Lele could not climb onto them, much as he would LOVE to.
What he did enjoy was the Phantasy land. He loved climbing all over the place, especially to the topmost "seat" and then jumping down. He was so brave as to tell me and Daniel to step aside to wait for him to jump down (about 1 storey high) by himself! Of course we didn't do that. Daniel caught him at the bottom. He enjoyed so much!

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