Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lele's diet

Lele's appetite has always been good. For breakfast he'll usually have oatmeal cereal and/or wheatbix with 100ml of milk. Lunch is usually noodles of either udon, soba or mian xian. He can take 3/4 bowl. As for dinner, he usually can finish 1 bowl of brown/plain rice. When I take my meals outside with him, I need to order 2 bowls of rice and a slightly larger portion of side dish because Lele can finish 3/4 bowl of rice most of the time. If I order noodles (usually fishball kway teow or meetaimak soup), he can almost finish everything.

Sample menu and daily routine
6 am: 180ml of milk

8am: oatmeal cereal with 100ml milk added with corn bran and raisin because he loves the crunch. Lele will usually wake around 7.30 in the morning. Upon waking, a mug of warm water is a must for him. He'll usually take breakfast at least 1/2 hour after waking.

10am: small bowl plain yoghurt with fresh cut orange. Morning walk usually follows breakfast. When he comes home a light snack will be served while I prepare ingredients for lunch.

11.15am: Udon (3/4 bowl) soup with minced meat, fish cake and generous portions of chinese spinach and broccoli. After his light snack, I'll give Lele a bath. He'll have some play-by-self time while I cook lunch.

12.15am: 120ml of milk. Lele will take his nap after the milk. Nowadays Lele's naps are usually between 1 to 1 1/2hour.

2.30pm: 50ml of freshmilk with corn bran, cheerio and raisins.

4.30pm: 150ml milk

6.30 to 7pm: dinner of 1 bowl rice with dishes. Lele usually gets into the bedroom for storytime by 8pm, lights off by 8.30pm and off to dreamland by 9pm. We have not been giving milk before bedtime for a long time because we didn't want to give him too full a stomach after the hearty dinner. Ocassionally when he has no appetite for dinner and just eats a bit, we'll give a milk feed (180 to 210ml) at bedtime.

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