Friday, May 15, 2009


Been thinking about the subject and decided after discussion with hubbie that Lele shall start school from next year. Realised that I need to start looking around and register now, so I called 2 schools and booked an appointment to visit them next week with Lele. The environment is of course important, but Lele must be happy and comfortable with the school first and foremost, as he will be the one attending.

At first I was toying with the idea of letting Lele attend full-day so that I may work P/T or maybe even F/T, but the thought of not seeing Lele the entire day for 5 days a week is more unbearable than I had expected!

I mean, Lele sleeps early, by 9p.m. each night. If he starts attending school full day, there will be very little time for him to interact with family members. I don't think that's healthy for him. Nevertheless, Lele needs to have some regular interaction with same age kids. School environment is most conducive for this, I think.

So, I think I'll put Lele for half-day first and do P/T work in the mean time. What P/T work? I have no idea. In fact, quite lazie to search... sending of CVs, going for interviews and all those jobsearch stuff can be such hassles! Of course, will get down to that sometime, soon, I hope.


Dillion's Mum said...

lele attending CC next yr and you are oredi sourcing. ok.. think its time for me to start my search too! :) i can u/s how you feel.
hubby pushing for f/t CC but i bu she de that why he is still stuck at home now

MummyCake said...

"Stuck" is not the right word la. Actually I reallie feel that our kids will spend many, many years STUCK in school in future, so while they can enjoy the pamper, nurture and love of dearest loved ones 100% of their lives these few early years, WHY NOT?