Monday, May 18, 2009

Gone fishing

We brought Lele to Kid's Kampong on Mother's Day.
For $14 for child and $10 for adult, we got a bucket, net, 2 small packets of fish food, bottled mineral water and ice-cream (as refreshments). I think that is pretty expensive for any child, let alone a child who found more interest in scooping water with the net/bucket than catching fish.
Besides catching and feeding fish, there were also some rabbits, chickens and goose. Not much to do actually at the Kids Kampong, but Lele enjoyed looking at the dogs training and swimming in the dogs hotel at the same area.
Overall, Lele had tremendous fun and enjoyed himself, but I'd much rather visit the Animal Resort near Jalan Kayu. Many more animals and FOC. Oh, forgot to mention that the fish I caught and brought home died within the night, a few at a time... Lele din even get to say good morning to them:(

After that, we met MIL and FIL for dinner at our favourite stirfry stall at Potong Pasir 881:)

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