Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Lele wants to poo!"

Yup, that was what Lele said to me after lunch today. I was reading the papers while Lele was playing by himself in front of me (his current faze is play-pretend making pancakes w all his containers, ladles and stuff).
Suddenly, he ran to me and said,

"Lele wants to poo!"

I hurriedly brought him to the bathroom and asked whether he wanted to poo in his potty. He said he wanted to sit on the toilet bowl. So I put the toddler toilet seat on the toilet bowl. With some persuasion he agreed! Woohoo!!!

And he calmly poo poo in the toilet bowl!

We were all so proud of Lele for taking another giant step in toilet-training, from being afraid of the toilet bowl, insisting to poo in his diapers, to being able to poo in the toilet bowl!!!


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