Wednesday, May 20, 2009

farting and blinking

This morning Lele did a funny face by squeezing his eyes shut and exposing the teeth in a cheeky grin. I was amused and asked him, "What are you doing?" He said that he was blinking. I wonder if he was imitating me. See, Lele hates water to get into his eyes while his hair is being washed. Though I did a good job of keeping the water away with my hands and distracting him with a song, a trickle or 2 is unavoidable. I would wipe away the water with a handkerchief. These days, I have been trying to teach Lele how to blink away the water. I demonstrated how he can blink his eyes so that the water will go away. So far this has been unsucccessful. Lele was so concerned about the water in his eyes that he would not even try blinking. He just wanted me to wipe away the water ASAP.

In the afternoon after his lunch, Lele did a funnie farting sound by pursing his lips together. He was thrilled with this newfound skill and said, "Like Yeye!". I asked if Yeye taught him this. And he said, "Yes!". HAHA!!! Upon confirming with FIL, it seems he could not recall where and when he showed this farting trick to Lele...

Cheeky nainai said that maybe Lele caught yeye farting during their play together and he was embarassed so made this farting sound with his lips to cover-up!


Below are the clips of his antics of the day.

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