Monday, May 18, 2009

Papa's Chinese Birthday

Nainai likes to celebrate Chinese birthday and May 5 happened to be papa's birthday. Actually, I already knew. When nainai said that she and yeye are going to get a cake later in the day...
Me: For Papa
Nainai: Why do we need to get a cake for papa?
Me:Papa's birthday

Mama and nainai were so surprised! Dun ask me where I get my ESP from:p *wink*
Before papa came home, I went with yeye and nainai to get a pandan kaya cake from Bangawan Solo. I dun like Kaya on its own but the cake was pretty good! After I went home, mama made me do a card for papa. I was (as usual) only interested for 3 mins. After applying for glue and pasting some decos on the card,
I said,
"Enough. Don't want to do anymore."
Mama finished up the rest of the card. Papa was very happie to receive this simple gift from both of us:)

I'm a little sleepie becos it's near my bedtime. Papa says I'm just like mama in that my eyebags will show whenever I get sleepie:p

After seeing the cake, I perked up a little. Besides, it's my favourite colour!

I got so into singing the birthday song for papa that I ALMOST thought it was my birthday heehee...

Me singing happie birthday like it's my own birthday...

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