Thursday, May 14, 2009

Colour magic, phonics fun and shapes

Colour magic
At the spur of the moment, I decided to add some experimental fun into Lele's bath time. For a start, we dabbled in colour mixing.
I prepared 2 bowls of coloured water made with Crayola paints. When Lele is playing in the bathtub (yes, we still use the tub for bath as it is so fun:p), I get him to scoop some coloured water from 1 bowl with a spoon and pour into the other bowl to see what happens.
He had much fun mixing colours and watching 2 colours combine to become a different colour! You can see the fascination in his eyes as he identify the colour change. He sometimes added more and more water into his colour mixture and discovered that the colour got lighter and disappeared.

I've been wanting to try the colour mixing activity for so long and am glad I finally started. So far we have tried mixing
1) blue+red to get purple
2) blue+ yellow to get green
3) red+yellow to get orange

Phonics fun
This week, I've also started on alphabets and phonics. This week's focus are small letters a-h.
I pasted big flashcards of letters a-h on the wall of Lele's bedroom and also prepared small cards with a letter on each of them. I "made" the letters with some prickly wire so that there is texture. Each day, I set aside some time to do "tracing and matching" of the letters, GUG style.
I got Lele to trace out the prickly letter on the small card while repeating the name of the letter and it's phonic sound. Then I got him to say the sound before letting him match with the big flashcard on the wall. After matching and tracing, we will do a simple activity with the letter of the day. We focus on a letter every 2 days. So far we made an apple and bean bear (show pictures next time).

Lele enjoys tracing and matching quite alot and will enthusiastically run to match the letters. Now he is can recognise a few letters by their phonic sound.

Last week was our shapes week and we did a list of activities with shapes. Actually, Lele has been introduced to shapes all this while and not just in last week. But it was all informal and I was curious to know what he actually knows about shapes. I was surprised that on day 1 he could identify circle, square, star, heart, triangle and even trapezium. On day 3 or 4 while we playing, Lele took up shape puzzle and said,
"This one octagon." and he was right.

My conclusion:
Focusing on a topic each week can keep my ideas (of what to do with him in our play time) more focused and not all over the place. It also allows me to see what his interests are.

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