Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Be careful who u leave your child with

Yesterday morning, just as we were about to leave home for his playgroup, I changed Lele into going-out clothes. Just as I was about to put on his pull-ups, he objected.
Lele: No need to put on diaper. Wear only pants.
Me: What will you do if you want to pee or poo in the classroom?"
Lele: Tell mama.
Me: Okay. But if mama is not around, then you have to tell Huang laoshi. You must say, 'Wo yao xiao bian' or 'wo yao da bian' to Huang lao shi. Okay?
Lele: Okay.

Along the way, I kept rehearsing the lines with Lele, worried that he might hold his pee/poo and dirty the carpeted classroom. See, Lele is totally diaperless now except during nap and sleep. Even in GUG he goes diaperless. So far he had been able to indicate whenever he wants to pee or poo. But I wasn't sure whether he will feel too shy to ask a person other than a family member to bring him to the washroom.

After lesson, I found out from Huang laoshi with great relief that Lele indeed told her that he wanted to pee, and allowed Huang Laoshi to lead him into the toilet! As a little reward, we bought a bottle of bubbles and went to play at a playground.

At the playground were a few other children, brought there by domestic helpers. One boy of about 3 was so interested in the bubbles and kept following us. Lele put the wand to his few mouth a few times but he shyed away. Suddenly, Lele used the wand and poked his eye! Luckily, the wand missed his eye and he wasn't reallie hurt. I kept apologising to his caregiver but she couldn't even be bothered to check on the boy. When the little accident occured, she was engaged in chitchat with another helper. This accident did not even interrupt their chat in anyway. They continued chatting like nothing happened. I feel sorry for children left in the care of such irresponsible caregivers. Thankfully nothing drastic happened this time...

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