Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kids say the darndest thing

One morning, Lele dug out a storybook, "Rhythm of my day" from his bookshelf. This book had been one of his favourite book for some time but had not been touched for months. He was happy to rediscover the book and requested papa to read to him. I was in the kitchen then. Suddenly I heard papa laughed out loud. Then Lele came to me and showed me a section of the book. I laughed so hard tears came! He showed me a picture and said, "This one is 'peng kueh' (a pink kueh with glutinous rice and peanuts inside, which he absolutely loves and can finish one on his own)."

The picture was actually that of a child's sock. Once he pointed out, I could see the striking resemblance. But it was just so funnie to have him say that something in an English book resembles something so asian...

I think this anecdote really highlights a fact.

Kids are like blank papers. They have no preconceptions or stereotypes.

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