Thursday, July 2, 2009

Little fat frog

I keep forgetting to blog about this milestone... of...JUMPING!

Below is a video of his first few maiden jumps at 25months. They are clumsy jumps as he sometimes managed to lift his feet off the ground but other didn't. In the video, he was jumping like a frog. He showed me how he could jump very well like a frog. I asked who taught him and he proudly said, "Yeye taught Lele!"
The frog jumps were not the first though. A few days before Yeye taught frog jumps, I got him to successfully do a few rabbit hops. But the rabbit hops were not as beautifully done as frog jumps. Yeye got him to squat down and jump up high by springing the legs.
You're a good teacher, Yeye!

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