Thursday, July 2, 2009

Funny episode

This morning, after dabbling in some paint work with Lele, I gave him a bath. After I changed him in his bedroom, I let him know that I need to go outside to clear up the mess made during art time. I told him to wait for me inside the bedroom, then left and closed the door.

As I hurriedly cleaned up the mess, I could hear Lele playing and talking in the room. Suddenly, he called,

"Mama! Mama!"

Then he knocked on the door.

I said,

"Please wait a while. Mama is still cleaning up the mess. Give me 5 more minutes."
He said,
"Lele wants to poo poo!"
Then he added,
"Lele yao la ba ba (baby talk for poopoo in mandarin. We learnt this from his favourite bear story book)."
I hurriedly opened the door to lead him to his potty. As we walked, he said,
"La baba yao chu lai le! (poo poo is going to come out)"

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