Monday, July 6, 2009

Latest weight and height

Lele's weight and height at 26months, taken when we took the flu jab.
Weight: 12.3kg
Height: 88cm

Height-wise, many people have commented he is tall but I'm not sure about that because I have seen so many kids his age taller than him.

Weight-wise, many people have commented he is rather skinny but I seriously dun think so. All of us in the family agree he is just the right size. Perhaps not then chubbiest in the market but skinny he definitely is not. At first I couldn't help but being concerned. But weight has alot to do with metabolic rate. Lele eats so much but runs around alot too. Perhaps that's why he doesn't have much excess. Besides, he is a healthy and happie little boy, with enough rest, food and play. What's more important that that?

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