Saturday, August 1, 2009


Since last week, Lele consistently managed to put on his own sandals, take off his own shorts. He can put on and remove own T-shirt and shorts too, but need assistance. I am especially happy about Lele being able to put on his own sandals! It was all thanks to peer pressure and encouragement of his playgroup teacher, Wang lao shi.
Initially, Lele gave up easily after only abit of trying, because the sandals were quite narrow at the base and fitting. His little toe often got stuck in the gap between base and strap, after he tried very hard to slip the fitting sandal onto his foot. It is frustrating for Lele, Wang lao shi said. I agreed but did not go along with her suggestion to get another pair of easy-wear sandals, because I felt it is a waste of money since he will outgrow shoes quickly. It is only a matter of time that Lele will learn to wear his "difficult" sandals, I thought. I kept my expectations low but kept encouraging him at home. I was pleasantly surprised when Wang lao shi told me Lele managed to put on his sandals all by himself at playgroup. Nowadays, he will put on his sandals by himself and stand up proudly to show me his neat work:)

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