Thursday, April 3, 2008

YooHoooooo... Lele is back!

Hi Hi! Lele has been "missing" in this blog for sucha long time, cos his lazie mama (ME) did not do her job! Anyways, I have decided to get the mouse moving again, at the kind reminder of a dear friend, Faith. She lamented that there was no news of dear Lele since Sep. She asked me to start "working" again cos she wanna know what's going on in Lele's life.

So sweet to have someone care so much for the welfare of your son... ah... bliss...

Okay now... let's see what I can write after sucha long break...

Let's start with a checklist of what Lele can do now at 11months and 1 week old!

Say a few words→ mama, mum-mum, baba (means papa), yeye, okay, nai(means nice), bir (means bird), deh (means there).
Respond to “Where is ___?” by pointing at items.
Respond to “Show mama ___” by looking for item and holding it up.
Respond to “Give ___ to mama.” by looking for said item and putting in my hands.
Can follow sequence: open container→take out object→close container

Smile when name is called
Stretch out hands to all (strangers included) to open/close palm so as to garner attention
Can wave goodbye
Can do “come, come” action by opening and closing palms

Motor skills
Can walk a few steps with and without assistance.
Can release things held with hand into a container
Can pick up small pea-sized objects with pincer grasp
Can self-feed
Can drink from a cup without much spillage
Can squat and stand unsupported

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