Thursday, April 17, 2008

Surprise Surprise

Constantly amazed at Lele's understanding power...


I was playing with Lele in our bedroom yesterday afternoon. Actually, "with" is not correct.
He was playing and I kept an eye on him while changing into going-out clothes. I was planning to bring Lele along to a meet-up with Michiko, you see.
Lele entertained himself by taking his things off the shelf and dropping them on the ground. He loves doing that! In order to divert his interest from picking up something else from the shelf, I asked him,

"Lele, can you put the powder (which he dropped) back on the shelf?"

Well, I've been trying to get him to return the things he dropped to their original places by repeating the instructions and guiding his hands to it...
But I did not expect him to actually understand such a complex sentence.

It really came as a surprise when he turned away from the shelf and seemed to be looking for the powder.
When he saw it, he held it up for me to see. I said,

"Yes, Lele. That's the powder. But can you put it back on the shelf?"

To my surprise, that's exactly what he did!!!

He... actually... went... to the shelf... and put the powder on the topmost rack!

I repeated the same instruction but different object. This time with a piece of paper which he dropped.

He managed to get it right again!

Wow wow wow...

We must be mindful of our language in front of this little one, 'lest we hurt his feelings with harsh words... or he learn from us.

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