Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lele has a nephew now!

Yesterday was baby Kayden's first month baby shower. Above is a picture taken with mummy Fiona, daddy Brian and baby Kayden. From left: Papa, Lele, Mama, Mummy Fiona (w baby Kayden...) and Daddy Brian.

Have you noticed the resemblance between Mama and mummy Fiona? Actually... they are born in the same year and have been friends since secondary school days. Due to the strong resemblance between them, mummy Fiona's mum decided to "adopt" Mama as her stepdaughter! In other words, Mummy Fiona is Mama's step sister.

So Baby Kayden can be considered Lele's step nephew! Keke...

Lele was so excited to be in a new home. Being the active toddler that he is, he explored the grounds and enjoyed being in different people's arms while posing for the camera.

But his didi Kayden was blissfully asleep in Fiona mummy's bedroom...

Mama was so surprised that Kayden enjoyed such a peaceful baby shower,. To the left is Lele during his baby shower, he was knocked out after the whole thing but was wide awake almost throughout (from 11-5p.m.) and was passed from one arm to the other endless.

Mama thinks the reason is because Kayden didi came to this world early at 25weeks when he broke Mummy Fiona's waterbag. Mama believes that babies who arrive earlier behave more like newborns than those who are born later.

Take for example Baby Warren who is born at 37weeks. When mama compared Lele's baby shower pic with babyWarren's (on the left), mama found a stark diff in size and alertness.

Mama has a friend whose baby Jayen enjoyed life in his mummy's tum for 42weeks before a "forced" evacuation by Gynae. At his 1st month baby shower, baby Jayen was very smiley and alert throughout. He even smiled and interacted with the guests!

So while it is beyond our control when our babies choose to arrive much earlier than due, mama totally disagree to inducing the baby or undergoing C-section before the due date, just because of some personal agenda of his mummy/daddy.

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