Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Cat Tale

Yesterday, father-in-law brought Lele for a walk in the neighbourhood.

Along the way they passed by Cat taking its morning nap. He said to Lele,

"Look! A cat!"

He then attempted to get its attention by calling out,

"Meow meow! meow meow!".

However, Cat did not wake up.

It merely waved its tail lazily and rubbed its paws on its face. Upon seeing not much response from the cat, Lele gave a loud cry...
Finding this amusing, my father-in-law related the incident to us upon his return. The minute Lele heard,"meow meow sleeping", he started to cry.
My mother-in-law tried to console him by saying to him,

"The cat was too tired and was fast asleep. That's why it ignored Lele..."

Upon hearing this, Lele started to cry.
She tried again several times but each time he would start to cry.
After his afternoon nap, several hours later, my MIL tried again to explain the cat incident. Surprisingly, Lele started to cry again!
He must have been quite hurt by the cat's nonchalent behaviour.....................

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