Monday, April 21, 2008

Lele's 1derful birthday celebration...

For Lele's birthday, mama and papa decided to keep it a simple affair within the family. On the evening of 19th Apr, 3 days before Lele's actual birthday (which is tomorrow!), we (mama's and papa's family) all had dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

Some of you might remember that Lele is an early sleeper. On his birthday, he broke the record! By the time we left the restaurant, it was 10.30! Lele seemed to know it's a special ocassion, for he refused to sleep in his stroller even after several rounds of walking him around. He stayed active (too active...) throughout, and only managed a short snooze in the car on the way home. It must have been 1130 by the time we settled him to sleep in his cot! Needless to say, he K.O. immediately. However, he woke at the usual time of 7.40 the next morning. What happened to some belief that making a child sleep later will delay waking time???

Anyway, the celebrations went very well!

We all enjoyed the sumptuous food from Noble House at UIC building.

Lele received a pair of cool shoes from his gonggong (paternal grandpa) and popo (maternal grandma). They are his very first pair of shoes! Lele enjoyed stepping in it as they are so cool, lighting up with each step!

He also received a tigger backpack and music-making snail from his jiu jiu (maternal uncle) and his girlfriend. Lele loved the tigger backpack SO MUCH! He squealed with excitement and gave it several hugs! He couldn't seem to get enough of hugging Tigger!

From xiao jiu (younger maternal uncle) and his girlfriend, Lele received a toy telephone! Papa was quite excited because Lele is at the "play with telephone" stage. He likes to put the receiver to his ears when we say "hello..." and will smile sheepishly whenever we pretend to call his name via the phone.

Papa wanted to let Lele play with it, but mama suggested waiting a while more as Lele is playing with his toy piano now. Mama wanted to introduce one or two new toys at any one time.

Lele's yeye(paternal grandpa) and nainai(paternal grandma) bought him 2 sets of clothes and a t-shirt. Mama thinks the outfits are soso but loved the classic checkered pants.

Lele's tai ma (paternal greatgrandma) gave Lele a red packet to bless him with good fortune.

Lele's mama and papa? They gave him a shirt (mama chose it!) and a pair of jeans.

Actually, mama had wanted to let Lele wear the shirt and jeans on that day. However, nainai suggested letting him wear the outfits she bought. Mama was disappointed. But she decided to accede to her requests.

The next day, Lele wore his shirt and jeans and took lots of pictures!

Mama is really pleased with the new smart look the shirt created!

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