Saturday, December 5, 2009

What a beach!

22 Nov was beach day for me. Papa, mama and me met up with waigong (maternal grandpa), waipo (maternal grandma), dajiu (mama's big bro) and dajiumu (his wife) to go to the beach! Kudos to mama for making that suggestion! I literally played my pants off (more juicy details coming up...) Dajiu and dajiumu had fun playing with my sand molds, building sand castles and stuff, while I had twice as much fun destroying them with my power rake *evil laughter*. Waipo was reallie cool. She roughed it out with me playing with sand and water while waigong just chilled out on a mat high and dry. She even brought in a coconut that came floating in with the tide. I had fun piling sand on it and was sad when the waves decided to lull it back to the sea. I chased after it without realising I was wading deeper and deeper into the water. Luckily waipo caught hold of me in time. Bye, coconut... Hope to c u again the next time I visit...

On the way to the beach, I came across a small baby excavator under a tree. This real truck is much better than any toy truck mama got me. I spent quite a while meddling with the gears. 2 passerbys couldn't help smiling at us. They must be jealous :p Topmost picture is dajiu and me. Dajiu is so tall, isn't he?

See that on my hand? Don't be deceived by its sweetie pink colour. It is actually my weapon on destruction. I use it to destroy whatever sand creations dajiu and dajiumu built with my sand molds.

Even though papa just returned from a 2-day scouts camp the very afternoon, he still accompanied us on this beach trip and played with me. Mama had suggested that he stay home to rest while she and me will go to the beach with the others, but papa told mama that he had promised to bring me to the beach and therefore must keep his promise. What a great papa I have!

That's waigong chilling in the background while I busy myself as a sand transporter using my teeny shovel. Hard work but loving it: )

Waipo feeding me some biscuits brought from Japan by her neighbour. Yummy!

Waipo also bought a watergun for me. We had some fun squirting. Unfortunately, the watergun couldn't stand papa's rough handling and "died"...

Me trying to chase after my friend, Mr. CocoNut, but was held back by waipo.

I appear to be working with dajiumu and waipo, but actually I'm just waiting for a chance to use my pink rake (see it lying there?) keekeekee...

Shortly after playing with water and sand, my entire pants got drenched. About 1 hour into playing, I needed to pee. Mama told me to pee in the sea (hey, it ryhmes!) and I insisted on removing the pants. After my pee, I refused to put the wet pants back on and played bottomless for anothe halfhour. Mama is especially amused to see me playing bottomless in public and not caring at all. See, I am so self-conscious of my body that even at home, i will not change in the living room unless nobody is around. If I need a change of clothes, I will almost always insist on doing it only in my room. If anybody (besides the one changing me) comes in and cry shame, I will kick a fuss and quickly cover the vital parts with blanket or towel or korkorbear. That's how self-conscious I am.
Mama thinks the reason why I could be so nonchalent about showing my bum in public is because I was having too much fun to care. Besides, my totally soaked pants must have felt so horrible on my bare bum that I rather play without it.

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