Sunday, December 6, 2009


Under the iniative of Daniel, we springcleaned the storeroom this afternoon. Look what I found... photo collage of Lele during his first few months of life before 1 year old... This was given to Lele by his dearest playmate shushu, a day before he was due to fly off to Australia for studies. He made the photo collage as Lele's first year present. I showed Lele the collage after his birthday party, which shushu could not attend because he was already in Aus, but he wasn't too interested. Not wanting to leave it around in case he destroys shushu's hard work, I rewrapped it and kept it in the bedroom. Later it was moved to the storeroom due to dust accumulation. I had wanted to bring it out later to show lele, when he is older.

How time flies! Now dear lele is 2.5 years old, and his dear shushu has completed his 2 year studies also! I showed Lele the collage and asked who the picture was.
He replied,
and I told him that the baby is him when he was a baby. His face showed a mixture of amusement and confusion... haha.... I left it at his bedside bookshelf and we looked at it again before bedtime. This time, he asked,
"Where is the picture of Lele when he is big boy?"
I replied,
"Right here."
And gave him a big hug, saying,
"Last time when Lele was a baby, mama loved him very much. Now Lele is a big boy, mama loves him very much still."
I also explained to him that the collage was done by shushu, that it took shushu a long long time to do, but he did it because he loves him very much:)
Thanks, Gary!

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