Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fireman, Lele

Lele simply loves playing fireman. Ever since he received the helmet at a community event last month, it has been his daily toy. He will put on the helmet as and when he wants to play fireman, construction worker, Bob the Builder and grasscutter. Even when not wearing it, Lele will bring it along with him whereever he is in the house!

Top 4 games Lele likes to play in the house
1) Fireman
2) Bob The Builder. He loves to carry his tool box around looking for things to fix. Even though there are many tools inside, his most used tool is the hammer. His most-loved method of fixing is by hammering hard and loud at the "faulty" thing, for as long as we allow his to...
3) Watching YouTube with papa. Well, this is not really a game, I know. His favourite programs are ... actually, I have no idea because I am usually barred from entering the room wo watch the clips because (in his words), "You cannot come, because I only want to watch with Papa." Watching videos is associated with Papa because he will only request watching with him and not me. Think it is something special and fun he likes to do with papa.
4)Cooking. Recently I organized Lele's messy toys. I found boxes for him to sort out his toys into cooking things, vehicles, small things, train things and tools. This makes it much easier when he is looking for things to entertain himself with. The most-used boxes are the cooking and tool boxes. When it is time to keep, I make sure we return the toys to their boxes before dumping into the huge "Francis Fish basket".

Below are some pics taken during the community event where he received a fireman helmet.

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