Saturday, December 5, 2009


After more than 3 months absence, I'm finally back! Above is me riding on a ... ... oh right... excavator. I have just arrived at Pasir Ris Park and was making my way to the beach when I spotted this poor little excavator abandoned under a tree. I just had to get on. Under usual circumstances when I'm with mama, she will talk me out of going up by explaining to me that I have to ask permission from the constuction worker before I can ride his truck, and if he is not there, I cannot go up the truck on my own.
But that day I was surrounded by allies (namely, wai4gong1, wai4po2, da4jiu4 and da4jiu4mu3), so mama didn't bother wasting her breath and even took a few cool shots of me! Don't I look like Bob The Builder?

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