Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Storytelling time

Lele used to be and still is (I guess?) an early sleeper. it used to be 8p.m.. Nowadays his bedtime is around 8.30 to 9pm, thanks to storytelling sessions.
Lele enjoys the sessions soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that each session lasts up to 30mins, hence his bedtime became later.
Reasons for such long sessions were:
1) Lele likes to participate by enthusiastically pointing out details and communicating with me about them. In this manner, a book which would take 3 mins to read would take 5 to 1o (yes) mins.
2) When we reach the last page, he never fails to request for the book to be read again. Usually, we would read the book 3 times before I would (buay tahan) tell him,
"Okay, last time. No more."
When we finish reading the book for the last time, he would put the book on his bed so that he may enjoy it the following morning.
When Lele is sound asleep, I would put a few more books on his bed so that he will have fun reading the following morning.

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