Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Understanding Lele

Yesterday I left Lele in the care of his shushu and nainai for the whole day from naptime. I needed to run some errands with Daniel and we decided to return after dinner.

With Lele being so sticky to me, I wasn't sure whether he would be "ok". The last thing I wanted was for him to wake up from nap missing me and crying frantically for me. I took care to explain to him that mama n papa will be away to tend to very important things, and he will have to stay home with nainai and shushu. He took it very positively and I was taken aback. Did he really understand that I will be away? After his bath, I told him the same thing again. This time, he said, "Mama" after I said that he will stay home with nainai and shushu. So I explained that mama and papa will be away for awhile, and when we get back we will play with him. He seemed happy with this explanation.

I was pleasantly surprised when MIL told me that he did not cry for me the whole day and had lots of fun playing with his shushu. At that point, I knew that Lele must have understood my explanation and trusted me when I said that I will be back................................................................

Mother's instinct?

A few more pleasant surprises awaited me this morning. Eversince his SA, he has been blowing hotcold with other members of the family and always want to hang around me. But this morning, he actually hung around the kitchen with yeye the moment he saw him go in. When he saw his nainai, he actually ran into her arms and gave her a bear hug. Moments after waking up from his nap, he actually took a few playthings and went to shushu's bedroom to play with him.

Overall, Lele was still sticky to me but not THAT sticky. He seemed more at ease with other members of the family and if I had to be out of sight, he seemed comfortable with that too, unlike the past.

I'm glad for this change in Lele! He will always be mama's baby but there is nothing that pleases me more than seeing this little baby growing up confidently, socially and healthily...

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Dillion's Mum said...

nowadays D also hv got mood swing.. past few days he wanted to get away fm his grandma and run to me . its very rare i tell you