Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Papa says that being able to categorize is a very importamt skill to acquire, hence I try to create simple toys to help Lele dev this skill while honing his fine motor skills @ the same time. I created 2 animals, cat and rabbit, with different sized mouths (one big the other small). I prepared big and small animal "feed" for Lele to feed the animals. Lele quickly discovered that the small food bits are for the cat and the big food bits are for the rabbit. When he tried to put the big food bits into the cat's mouth and couldn't, I'll explain to him that the food is too big for the cat's mouth.
Much to my pleasure, Lele appreciates this game very much and requested to feed the cat and the rabbit several times. Due to the small size of materials, I could not leave him to play alone. Each time after he had finished feeding, I will tell him that the animals need to sleep. And he will return the animals without protest.... aw...
Notice a green thing in Lele's hand in the last pic below? That's the green scoop I was talking about. It almost never leaves his hands!

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