Thursday, June 19, 2008

Off to the Botanic Gardens

We went to The Botanic Gardens on 14Jun. Actually, we had wanted to join in a picnic with some other mummies. Smart aleck me thought I knew where the meeting point (Jacob Ballas Children's Garden) was. I thought it should be not too far away from the main entrance.

It took us ages (1hour?) to walk there from the main entrance! I never knew the Botanic Gardens is so huge... Imagine walking from the Tanglin Rd end to Bukit Timah Rd end...
When we finally reached the destination, it was time to give Lele some food. We fed him and he started fussing to sleep. So we decided to let him take a nap while we took our lunch. When he woke up 1 hr later, we went into the Jacob Ballas Children's garden. Though we did not stay there very long (we even miss the waterplay I had looked forward to) because it was pretty hot and Papa needed to get home quick, we all had fun. Most of all Lele! Above are pictures of Lele playing with sand at the treehouse...

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