Monday, June 2, 2008

Helpful Lele

Lele and mama were playing in the living room when Lele's grandpa arrived at doorstep. He had returned from getting dinner for all of us. Mama said to Lele,

"Look who's at the door, Lele!"

He looked and saw his favourite grandpa standing at the door. So mama said to him,

"Lele, please take the keys to yeye (grandpa) to open the door. Yeye needs the keys to open the door. Otherwise he won't be able to get in."

So Lele started walking towards the kitchen where the keys were placed. Mama handed him the bunch of house keys and asked him to give it to his grandpa. Instead of moving immediately, Lele stood on the spot fidgetting with the keys. Thinking that he might have been distracted by a potential play toy on his hand and changed his mind about giving the keys to his grandpa, I repeated the instructions a few more times.

Finally he held out a black-handled key and gave that key to his grandpa. Grandpa and mama broke out in laughter. They were all amazed that Lele actually selected one key from the bunch of keys to give to his grandpa, even though mama and grandpa did not tell him to do so. And he actually chose the correct key as well.

It reminded mama of an advertisement mama saw quite some time ago. In the ad, a daddy was "teaching" his son to say the word "hua (flower in mandarin)" by pointing at a picture. The boy remained silent. The daddy repeated several times with "hua" but the boy remained silent. The daddy's face started showing signs of impatience and anxiety when the boy said,

"bu, shi hujihua (No, it's an orchid flower)!"

Who's teaching who?

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