Monday, June 2, 2008

Active Lele

Wonder why Lele is so active...

Yesteray during the Kindermusik class, he was the most active toddler in the class of 12. None of the activities seem to be able to capture his attention for long. He seemed to enjoy walking and socialising much more than lessons. Well, Lele has always been quite active in class, but yesterday he was just SO active.

I wonder why.

My in-laws were standing outside the classroom to observe the lesson for the 1st time.

Could his active (and fussy) behaviour be due to their presence? Or is it due to familiarity with lesson and so he is abit bored with things? Or perhaps his behaviour is just a passing phase? Afterall, he had just started walking confidently 1 week or so ago. It should be understandable if he finds it a terrible waste to be seated at mama's lap when he could be explorin with his newfound walking skills!

Whatever it is, I am glad for an active child. Being an active monkey of a person myself, I guess I would be at a loss if my child is very shy, withdrawn and quiet.

I don't have anything against quiet children. Just that if I'm not very good with quiet adults so I figure I won't be able to handle quiet children very well too...

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