Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Yehhhhh... and No....

YEHHH! Lele can now sleep throughout the night without waking up even once for a night feed.
Lele is an early sleeper. So he usually falls asleep by 7.30pm each night. Well, sometimes he sleeps a little longer but the latest time was only 8.30.
Since he sleeps so early, we thought it is only reasonable that he wakes up for a nightfeed. He usually gets up for a feed at about 3-4am each night, then going back to sleep till 8 in the morning.

That was when the Air Con was switched on the entire time he slept.

Ever since the Air Con was not switched on, we discovered to my pleasure and my husband's displeasure, that Lele slept much better! For the 5th consecutive night, he did not need a night feed. This is good because it meant unbrken sleep for my husband and I.

However these few days Lele woke up at 6am to play and suck on his fingers, and would cry for milk at about 6.30 or later. This time is when we were about to leave for work so it's kind of inconvenient in that way....................

I'm not sure if Lele woke up because my pump and stuff woke him?

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