Saturday, August 25, 2007

Joanie and Lele

Yesterday, Mama Agnes brought BB Joanie to mama's home to get some flashcards from mama. BB Joanie is a very smiley baby. She smiled at mama the moment she entered her home! This made mama very happy. Even nainai was very amused at this hug-tugging little girl.

BB Joanie is indeed a very friendly baby. All the while mama Agnes, nainai and mama were chatting, she was caressing Lele's hand and looking at him. If only he knew how to appreciate a cute beauty! Haha!
The above is a picture of Lele and Joanie! Joanie's back is quite sturdy compared with Lele's, so she offered a good "body rest" for Lele. Just look at the 2 of them. Baby Joanie is born 8 days earlier than Lele but she can already flip whereas Lele cannot. Mama thinks it's okay for Lele to develop at his own pace, so she is not worried.

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