Sunday, August 5, 2007

To continue or not?

Help! I'm at a loss right now as to whether I should continue breastfeeding my Lele precious...

Right now, with a daily pump of 3 times per day, Lele manages to enjoy breastmilk 2 times out of 4/5 times per day, so half his dietary intake comes from me. It's all good.


I'm also tired from having to wake up early to squeeze and press, eating a hasty lunch at work so that I can squeezesqueeze press press, and rushing home to finish all errands so that I can squeezepress at night.

This morning during teabreak, I announced my decision to stop to my colleagues, and one of their reaction was, "No! Don't stop! The baby is still so young..."

Ya... Lele is still so young. Should I not continue till at least one more month?Afterall, I have come so far... Couldn't be that hard, right?

Should I or should I not... stop? Am I selfish in stopping just for my personal tiredness? Why should I let tiredness get the better or me when
it means a healthy start for Lele precious?


Help me think, please!

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