Monday, July 30, 2007

Lele is tall

After comparing the heights of several babie's height and wt on Motherhood April Mummies' thread, I realise that Lele really IS tall! Lele is 63cm tall and 6.5Kg, but a few of the babies are 7.5Kg and about the same height or shorter than him.
HmmHmm... Can I start dreaming about being a model mummie? Hee Hee...
I would love to post a few pics of my precious on the blog so as to liven up the whole thing, but Lele's papa left my dig cam at his sch and kept on forgetting to bring it back. So I guess you just have to bear with me for a while there.

I wanna start flashcards with my precious!

Now I'm trying to collect ideas and actually get to it. If I can spend every day 10mins of time flashing with Lele, it sounds like a pretty feasible plan!

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