Saturday, July 28, 2007

Aftermath of 5-in-1

I had been taking Lele's temperature every few hours ever since he came back home. He had been doing well except for the last few hours. His temperature rose a little bit. After his feed, I measured his temp and found that it had gone up to 37.3 degree C. It's not fever yet because I was told by the doctor that anything above 37.5 degree C is classified as fever. However, I was still a little bit worried and had wanted to feed him with the medicine prescribed.

Lele seemed a very happy boy despite his temperature! He was talking to his favourite blackwhitered mobile toy all the while I was wiping his body! Haha!
His grandpa was so excited to see him talking that he called him "Gary"
by mistake! Haha! Gary is my brother-in-law...
Lele is really fortunate to be born into this family with so many people who love and care for him.

After wiping his body, I measured him again and found that the temp had dropped to 36.8 degree C. I decided not to give him any medicine so as to let his body build up its defence mechanism.

As a mother, of course I'm very worried that the fever might escalate. However, I also realise that it is necessary for a child to not be over-reliant on medicine from a young age. I myself had seldom been given medicine by my parents ever since I was young. That's why I seldom have flu, cold or fever. I want Lele to be as strong and healthy as me.

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