Thursday, July 26, 2007

5-in-1 jab

This morning, I brought Lele for the 5-in-1 jab. Before going, I was a bit worried because the jab is known to cause fever in the first 2 days after jab. My worries were unfounded because not only did the jab go quite smoothly, Lele made some friends as well! They were a pair of toddler siblings. First the gorgor, then his meimei came up to lele, wanting to touch him and interact with him. The gorgor was especially sociable. He kept pointing to the play corner and wanted me to bring Lele there to play. And when I did, he and his sister demonstrated to Lele how he should play with the toys! Even though the gor gor was no more than 4 years old, he was very kind towards his own sister. When she was brought in for her jab, he became worried and kept on wanting to enter the room ot look for his meimei! I hope Lele can be equally caring towards his future siblings!
Lele cried during the jab, of course, but calmed down within mins after! After the jab, we had to wait for the doctor to give Lele a checkup, and he fell asleep while we were waiting. Amazing!
The last time we came for the Hep B jab and jaundice check 2 months ago, Lele took longer to settle. In fact, after the jaundice check, he cried until his whole face turned red and he was screaming away in papa's arms, and only settled down after I took over. Papa was quite sad then because he felt that Lele did not like him as much as he like mama. Of course Lele likes the both of us! It's just that he sometimes prefers to be carried by certain people in cerain ways when he is especially insecure. Besides, I still have the "milky" smell on me as I'm breastfeeding, and that must certainly have calming effects on Lele.

This time round, Lele is behaving so well unlike previous times. I think Lele has been pricked by the needle so many times before that he had learnt to take it easy... Haha! I'm so proud of my son for being such a brave little boy!

Lele is now back home, more than 5 hours after the jab, and he has not developed any fever yet. Neither did he exhibit signs of clinginess or fussiness that some babies are prone to after the 5-in-1 jab. I just hope that my darling will remain safe i these 2 days... If anything, Lele seemed a little bit sleepier after the jab.

Besides the jab, Lele also had his height, weight and head circumference measured. Here are Lele's vital stats!

Age: 13weeks+ Ht: 63cm Wt: 6.485Kg Head circumference: 42cm

2 months ago, Lele was only 4.5kg and 54 1/2cm. HOW MUCH HE HAD GROWN IN JUST 2 months!

I was afraid that Lele might be overweight because he has good appetite for milk at his age... 150-180ml every 3 hours... Doctor's diagnosis was that Lele is of ideal weight because he is tall for his age. He also advised that it's okay for babies to be overweight because they will lose it as they get older. Well well...The doc advised that as Lele's neck is still not strong yet, it's better for us to support it when we carry him.

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