Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lele's schedule for now.

After some time, Lele's schedule has finally settled into a more predictable routine.

7-7.30a.m. : Rise & shine. Nowadays he tends to wake at around 5-ish to ask for milk, then go back to sleep.

8a.m.: Breakfast of oatmeal & milk (150ml) cereal with toasted corn bran added for the crunch. He likes to munch on chewable foods and resists soggy textures.

8-9a.m.: Either help me in the kitchen while I prepare the brown rice (he'll pour the rice into the pot), ingredients (he'll take out the tomatoes) for his lunch and boil water or play on his own.

9a.m.-10a.m.: Morning walk

10-10.45a.m.: Flashcards session followed by my morning prayer with him playing around me.

11a.m.: Bath

11.30a.m.: Lunch

12.30p.m.-2.30p.m.: Nap

3p.m.: wake and snack of milk (180ml) or cereal with 150ml milk

3.30 to 6p.m.: Either outing or free play (books, toys, flashcards etc) at home with other family members if avail or me

6p.m.: Bath

6.30p.m.: Dinner

8p.m.: Bedtime story

8.30pm.: Sleep

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