Monday, May 5, 2008

Lele's great discoveries.

Over the past week, Lele discovered that he could ...

1. Rub his hands
2. Fill a cup with water and empty it
3. Walk up to 10 steps unassisted (but mama was close behind to offer lotsa mental support and encouragement la)
3a. Stretch out arms or hold on to avail support when he starts to lose balance instead of stooping to his knees to crawl
4. Open and close a carton box all by himself
5. Make himself understood.
When mama and papa are talking to each other in the bus, he will try to shift attention to himself by saying VERY loudly and repeatedly,"BIR BIR!" (meaning bird) and pointing at the birds outside.
When he sees cars, he will say "kaka! kaka!"
When he sees balls, he will say "borbor!"
When he sees big boys or girls, he will say "jie jie!"
When he sees the big red lantern of our neighbour, he will say "lala!"

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